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Date added: May 05, 2010

    • England, two hundred years ago, was a dangerous and volatile place to live.
      In those days, escaping into a bottle of grog might have seemed like a good idea, but thanks to men like Andrew Miller, the Royal Navy’s most notorious press-ganger, you were all too likely to awake from your stupor and find your self at sea aboard a Royal Navy Ship-of-the-Line with the full force of the combined French and Spanish Navies bearing down on you.

      On the plus side (assuming you manage to avoid being blown to bits, hacked you to pieces by the ship surgeon or lost at sea) there’s always the chance you might live to capture a prize galleon and become rich beyond your wildest dreams..

    • WASD to move.
      Click to fire cannons.
      Spacebar to cycle through weapons

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One comment for Trafalgar Origins

  1. Rob on May 8th, 2010 9:33 PM

    Hate this game good everything else but way to [email protected]#king hard!!

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