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Date added: Nov 19, 2009

    • Make your way to Union City to escape the mainland within 40 days and nights while fighting off the hordes from your make shift barricades once again.

    • - Use WASD to move.
      - Mouse to aim & fire
      - Space to switch weapons
      - R to reload
      - ESC to open options & pause

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5 comments for The Last Stand 2

  1. jon on December 14th, 2009 6:21 PM

    This Game Roks!!!!!!!!
    I cant get to union city though
    its hard

  2. Mark on December 23rd, 2009 9:19 AM

    This game is my favorite FREE game on the entire internet. This game is amazingly hard, but is super fun. You can get anything from a chain saw, to an Uzi. You can get many friends to fight alongside of you. You can also find many different kinds of traps that you can set up before the battle. This game has a giant selection of guns that you will always be happy to get a new one. Thanks!!!!! This game is the BEST!!!!!

  3. dan on July 31st, 2010 5:23 AM

    this game rocks! and i reached union city !yeah!but no zombies in it thou

  4. idk on February 3rd, 2011 6:53 PM

    this would be sweet if it wasnt retarded hard.

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