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Date added: Jan 09, 2012

    • Fizzy Frenzy is a time management game that takes place in a soda factory. It's your job to move cans from station to station to meet each level's monetary goal. Your first task is to choose what brand the soda will be by painting a design on its can. Once the brand has been chosen, you must select the proper carbonation level and type of syrup. After that, move the can to the processing machine to put a lid on it. Finally, place the finished product in the cooling station to ship it off. Don't forget to purchase additional machines that will increase your productivity and help you achieve bigger goals.

    • Mouse to select order of tasks.

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One comment for Fizzy Frenzy

  1. Blah on January 10th, 2012 3:09 PM

    After you unlock all the sodas, there are some levels where the window to unlock more sodas will pop up but you can’t click on anything because all of the sodas are unlocked. I have to reload the page and click continue to keep playing

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