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Date added: Feb 08, 2010

    • When you got out, you discovered that the planet was inhabited, and the inhabitants were not friendly at all. Now you and your men are trapped and being surrounded. Your mission has changed, which is to load up your ammo and defend yourself against massive attacks from horde of monsters; from aliens-like to robots. Your squad will consists of Gunner, Flamerat, Stinger, Sniper, Tesla, and Mortar. Each units can be upgraded to become stronger, faster, and tougher.

      Each target that you kill, may has a chance to drop an orb which is blue in color. You need to collect them in order to upgrade your units. You can also use orbs to buy supplies such as medkits, increase fire rates for 15 seconds, land mines, and reinforcement. So, choose your units wisely, upgrade wisely, deploy them, and prepare for battle!

    • Select starting units to defend your base. During battle, you can swap units to different areas of your base to defend against oncoming waves.

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